The proposed GRL project brings together a team of world-renowned researchers in the field of CPS. Team members have an extensive track record of working together on several large projects and producing joint results. KPI, a world-class researcher in CPS, produced a number of contributions that have made a significant impact in the areas of real-time systems/databases, flexible security, monitoring and control, and networked embedded systems, and has recently been conducting excellent research on vehicular and transportation applications of CPS, including fundamental research on safety and security issues as well as the development of an integrated transportation simulator, in close collaboration with FPIs. FPIs are world-leading researchers in areas of CPS, smart vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems. They possess outstanding and diverse expertise in vehicular networks (V2X), protocol design and evaluation, safe and efficient intersection protocols, large-scale simulation of vehicular networks, integrated operations of real and simulated vehicles in hybrid physical and virtual environments, and operating systems support. Through the proposed GRL program, KPI and FPIs will further extend and deepen collaborations on developing a novel CPS platform, on top of a cyber-transportation test-bed, to assure ultimate safety for smart vehicles and transportation systems by simultaneously addressing safety and security challenges. The new cybertransportation test-bed that integrates the capabilities of traffic and driving simulators, V2X communications, and secure in-vehicle networking, will provide a very important evaluation tool for the proposed research. We are confident that 6 years of successful collaborations will make our GRL one of the world-best laboratories in the CPS area, especially in vehicular and transportation applications of CPS.